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Over half a century ago Santa Fe Catholic High School became Polk County’s first and only Catholic high school. SFC was founded in 1960 and officially opened on September 5, 1961. Four Sisters of Saint Benedict from Holy Name Priory in San Antonio, small town in Pasco County, staffed the school under the first president of Santa Fe, Father Henry J. Miron. Several part-time and full-time priests of the archdiocese, as well as lay men and women, completed the faculty and staff.

Because of the increasing enrollment, a building fund was organized in 1969 to raise money for additions to Santa Fe Catholic, and that same year the McDonald Building was dedicated. One year later, ground was broken for the new gymnasium.

In 1972 Reverend Patrick Sheedy was given permission to solicit funds for the Martin Power Center. Because of the generosity and dedication of so many people, ground was broken for the new center in January of 1973.

Santa Fe Catholic remains the only Catholic high school for the 11 parishes in the Western Deanery. Maintaining a school in the Catholic tradition is vital to our mission of Developing each student fully as a child of God.” Santa Fe means Holy Faith. Faith is what puts the heart in who we are. Along with the rigor of our academic program, our students are steeped in Catholic Christian values.

Those involved with Santa Fe Catholic in its early years shared awareness that they were participating in something truly special.