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Santa Fe Catholic High School, Lakeland, FL    Celebrating Over 50 Years of Educational Excellence





Please SAVE THE DATES and join us in celebrating the fact that FIFTY YEARS AGO, we all set out on our grand adventures!
Dates: Oct 4-5, 2024 (Santa Fe’s Homecoming game is on the Fourth)
Reunion Program Planning is in full swing, and a schedule of Key events will be provided as soon as possible!

The Reunion Committee could use your help and input:

Contact Info: Please update your own contact info with us at the email or phone numbers listed below.

Help finding Classmates and Teachers: we are still missing contact information for about twenty-five classmates. If you have a lead on their information, please ask them to contact the committee. If that is not your superpower, please let us try with the information you have. We will keep all contact information closely held within the reunion committee and not release it to others without the classmate’s permission.

Santa Fe Memories: Even if you cannot attend, please consider sending photos or other Santa Fe ‘74 memories to us to share during and after the reunion!

Look for another update next month – if not sooner. You’ll see information passed through all our means -through individuals / friends, our social media (Santa Fe Alumni information on the School Website Alumni ‹Santa Fe Catholic – Lakeland, FL) Facebook (Santa Fe Catholic High School Class Of 1974 | Facebook) and direct emails.

If you are not receiving Santa Fe’s monthly email newsletter “Hawk News,” please consider signing up for it on the Santa Fe Website above! It is a terrific way to keep up with activities at the school as well as our reunion. Theresa Rivera is the contact there if you would like to learn more.

Next time, the Reunion committee will also be asking about:

Attendance: When you know, please give us an estimate of how many in your party will be attending (include spouse and guests). This will help the Reunion Committee finalize our budget.

Memorial Information: We have a number of classmates who have already gone ahead to that next, celestial reunion. We would like to have a respectful memorial for them and are looking for that information as well.

Special Needs: Please let us know if you have any special needs (e.g., wheelchair accommodation) and we will see what we can do to help.


We hope to see you all soon!

Jose Estorino                                     Rich Hrezo
1974 Class President                         50-year Reunion Committee Chair
(949) 878-7636                                  (530) 249-3063