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All School Retreat Skit “Everything”

Foster Hall, Christina Chan-Pong, Taylor Lee, Michael Kutner, Kelsey Martinez, Sierra Farrands, Tom Guarnery & Caitlyn Parker gave a wonderful performance of a skit called “Everything” during the All School Retreat on September 3.

The skit was originally performed by a group called “Lifehouse”. A teenage girl (Kelsey Martinez) is in love with Jesus (Foster Hall) and her Christian faith. She becomes challenged by “worldly evils” such as drugs, materialism, money, sex. The devil (Tom Guarnery) entices her to these things and ultimately convinces her that she should take her own life. After contemplating suicide, she remembers the peace and unconditional love she experienced in her relationship with Jesus. She struggles to overcome the obstacles and returns to Jesus who is her “Everything”. The moral of the story: All we need in our life is Jesus. Nothing can fill us completely except for our relationship with Him.

2010 All School Retreat Skit from Santa Fe Catholic on Vimeo.