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Santa Fe Catholic High School first established its endowment in 1995 to receive subscriptions, contributions, donations, gifts, bequests, and devises for the benefit of Santa Fe Catholic. The endowment provides both stability and flexibility. Endowed funds are invested and a portion of the income is used for the purpose the donor specifies, while the remainder is reinvested in the fund to keep pace with inflation.

Your help is absolutely essential to significantly increase the endowment so that we are able to generate the revenue that is needed to enhance our programs and to continue providing our students with an integrated program of academic studies.

The endowment will also allow us to provide an ever increasing source of revenue to help support our future demand for need based assistance and additionally help to guarantee that we have the very best and brightest teachers for our students.

We invite you to consider an investment in the future of Santa Fe Catholic High School through a gift to our endowment.

For more information, contact President/Principal Matt Franzino,

863.665.4188, Ext 287