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Reverse Auction Rules & Ticket

Friday, January 29, 2016 · Alumni, News, Parents, Students, Uncategorized

Salsa Nights


Phase II

Last year’s Renaissance raised over $25k for Project Covered Walkway. Help us raise the remaining $10k+ needed to complete the project in the summer of 2016.

How the Reverse Auction Works


  • Drawing to be held during Renaissance XXXIII, Dinner/Auction on March 12.


  • 100% of proceeds benefit the SFC High School Covered Walkway Project.


  • Ticket holders need not be present to win.


  • All tickets will be assigned an individual container number and placed in a

wire basket.


  • As containers are drawn, their corresponding number will be removed from

the board that displays all numbers in the Reverse Auction.


  • All tickets that have been sold will be drawn. A maximum of 200 tickets will

be sold. Drawing sequence is not related to ticket numbers.

  • Prize awards contingent on # of tickets sold.
    • 1-50 tickets sold – $1,000 grand prize
    • 51-100 tickets sold – $1,500 grand prize
    • 101-150 tickets sold – $2,500 grand prize
    • 151-200 tickets sold – $5,000 grand prize


  • Last ticket drawn wins.


  • Winner will be contacted if not present.


Download ticket HERE.